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Inductive Bible Study for Kids (8-12 years old)

Start kids on a journey toward being students for life!  Let them learn how to dig into the Bible for themselves with this fully-biblical, fully-exciting study series. Kids will find Bible study really “worth it” as they journey into God’s Word. This series will whet a lifetime appetite for truth, and be rewarded with a certificate of completion when they submit the enclosed card from their book!

All Book Titles

  • Interactive, fill-in- the-blank questions

  • Fun activities

  • Challenge them while teaching important truths

  • Reinforce biblical truths 

  • Lively narratives & illustrations​​

  • Perfect for home and school devotionals

  • Rewarded with Certificate of Completion

Click on book image to view first lesson samples

Old Testament | by books of the Bible

01-D4Y-Genesis_1_Gods -Amazing Creation

Genesis Part 1 (Ch 1 & 2) Those awesome days when God created the stars, the world, the sea, the animals, and the very first people! As you get to work searching for clues from the past, decoding ancient messages, and drawing maps for the dig team, you'll uncover answers to a variety of questions. These answers are not only great fun and wonderful Bible truths for young explorers with growing curiosity about the "whys" of life- they are essential truths each child needs to know.

02-D4Y-Genesis_2_Digging Up the Past

Genesis Part 2 (ch 3-11) Use tools like hieroglyphic decoders, pottery shard puzzles, and scientific experiments. Does the world stay perfect for long? Discover the truth about some of the world's big "firsts"- the first marriage, first sin, first murder, first civilization, and first genealogy. And have we seen the last of the dinosaurs? Come along for a second-to-none adventure!

03-D4Y-Genesis_3-Abraham Gods Brave Explorer

Genesis Part 3 (ch 11-25) With God's trail map, the Bible, you'll set out on a wagon train to uncover lessons like the ones Abraham learned when he left his home and moved to an unknown land. Abraham's adventures, along with mazes, crosswords, and other puzzles, will help you grow in listening to God and trusting His guidance even when the road gets bumpy. As a young explorer, you'll face the excitement, fears, and joys of walking by faith- and discover that God's love lasts forever!

04-D4Y-Genesis_4-Extreme Adventures with God

Genesis Part 4 | Isaac, Esau and Jacob Through puzzles, games, and other activities, God's plan will unfold as you find the answers to a variety of questions. Take a leap of faith and discover what it means to trust God--even during the most extreme life adventures.

05-D4Y-Genesis_5-Gods Superhero

Genesis Part 5 (ch 37-50) Amazing Comics is developing a new comic book on the life of Joseph--one of God's superheroes in the Old Testament--and Aunt Sherry is going to write it. But first there is some research to be done. Who was Joseph anyway? What makes him so special? Could he run faster than a speeding bullet like Superman? Or was he an ordinary man whom God used to accomplish extraordinary feats? Learn how to make a comic book while you discover why Joseph is God's superhero.

06-D4Y-Esther-God Has Big Plans for You Esther

Book of Esther You'll also explore a time in history when a young woman named Esther became a queen and saved her people. Through her incredible life, you'll uncover many truths that will help you know more about God and how you can serve Him, You'll be amazed when you see how much God loves you, provides for you, and guides you.

07-D4Y-Daniel_1_You're a Brave Man Daniel

Daniel Part 1 Have a blast as you work on a script, design special effects, and explore scenes from the past and the future. Best of all, this adventure reveals that you are always in the spotlight of God's love, care, and protection.

08-D4Y-Daniel_2_Fast Foward to the Future

Daniel Part 2 Have you ever seen a lion with wings like an eagle? How about a leopard with four heads and four wings? Daniel did. He saw these incredible beasts and much more in some amazing visions. What do these visions mean? You'll find out as God sends special messengers to Daniel to explain each extraordinary dream. This fast-paced, hands-on Inductive Bible Study takes you into God's Word to find out His awesome plans for the future!

09-D4Y-Jonah-Wrong Way Jonah

Book of Jonah An amazing news story about a man named Jonah is unfolding in Israel! And the Nineveh News needs good reporters to dig up the facts. Okay, rookie reporter, your need to get the scoop on a man named Jonah, on a king…and even on God. You'll also discover how you can have an awesome adventure by going the right way and obeying God the first time!

New Testament by books of the Bible

10-D4Y-John_1_Jesus in the Spotlight

John Part 1 (ch 1-10) In this Bible Study, you'll pretend to be a film director who makes a movie about Jesus' life. Your movie will be about the first ten chapters of John's book, and it will be full of awesome adventures. As you read through the script, you'll learn all about who Jesus' friends were, why He came, what He did, where He went, and how you can really get to know Him.

11-D4Y-John_2_Jesus Awesome Power Awesome Love

John Part 2 (ch 11-16) As you get set to help the crew, you'll learn all about the incredible miracles and final days of Jesus. Between takes, we have some games and puzzles just for you. And here's the best thing--you'll have the chance to get to know the star of the film! Now...on with the show!

12-D4Y-John_3_Jesus to Eternity and Beyond

John Part 3 (ch 17-21) Come on down! The casting call just went out for the new movie, Jesus-To Eternity and Beyond. This thrilling release shows the real-life story of Jesus' final days on Earth--days filled with heart-stopping suspense, amazing action, and the most fantastic finish ever!

13-D4Y-2 Timothy_Becoming God's Champion

Book of 2 Timothy Join Max, Molly, Sam, and the rest of Team USA at a sports camp of summer games! As you train for each event and compete for gold, silver, and bronze medals, you'll discover the life-changing encouragement and instruction that the apostle Paul wrote to his young friend, Timothy. God has provided everything you need to become His champion. You can win the gold for God!

14-D4Y-James_Boy Have I Got Problems

Book of James We hear that you have just what it takes to fill Ellie's shoes. Don't worry if you've never done this before--you'll have all the help you need. You'll find answers to everyone's problems in the Bible. Nothing's too big for God! Did we mention the added bonus you get for taking on this assignment? You'll get to discover for yourself what the Bible, especially the book of James, says about getting help with your own problems. Now, that's a bonus worth your while.

15-D4Y-Revelation_1_Bible Prophecy for Kids

Revelation Part 1 (ch 1-7) As we look at Revelation 1-7, you'll discover action-packed events, unusual creatures, and mind-boggling sights. You'll also find out: - what heaven is like - what God says to some special churches--and to you - what exciting things are going to happen in the future - what the fantastic rewards of knowing Jesus are Wow! Enjoy the dynamite discoveries, challenging puzzles, and great hands-on activities in this book.

16-D4Y-Revelation_2_A Sneak Peek into the Future

Revelation Part 2 (ch 8-22) Join bible detectives, Max, Molly, and Sam, the great face-licking beagle, as they explore the Discovery Bible Museum to solve the mysteries in Revelation 8-22! These exciting chapters tell us what's going to happen in the future. When Jesus opens the seventh seal, there's an eerie silence...and then comes thunder, lightning, and a huge earthquake. And that's just the beginning! Wow, God has a plan for the future! He alone is in control of all of these events.

Topical by alphabetical order

17-D4Y-Cracking the Covenant Code

Discover: - what covenant is - why keeping a covenant is so important - what happens when covenants are broken - God’s greatest covenant promise to everyone around the world - how to live for Jesus every day Cracking the Covenant Code reveals God’s awesome love, constant presence, and amazing provision for people who believe in Jesus.

18-D4Y-God Whats Your Name

We've received a new assignment! We're going undercover as spies to discover who God is! Did you know that God goes by many names? Each "alias" God uses provides clues about His true nature and character. Our job is to track down each name and discover what it means.

19-D4Y-How to Study Your Bible for Kids

The agency has a big mystery to solve—the mystery of discovering for yourself what God’s Word says. Wow! Sounds like an adventure! As part of the team, you’ll sharpen your skills so that you can know what the Bible says, understand what it means, and apply it to your life all on your own. Isn’t that awesome? So put on your detective hat, grab your magnifying glass, and get set to decode secret messages, solve puzzles to get clues, follow a suspect’s trail, and even talk to eyewitnesses!

20-D4Y-Lord Teach Me HOw to Pray for Kids

Operation Prayer has started! So grab your gear and don’t forget your training manual, the Bible. You will have a great adventure exploring a trail of questions, discovering secrets about life, understanding God's Word, and best of all, spending one-on-one time with your Commander-in-Chief--God!

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    12 July 2024 In-Person | 9.00am-5.00pm, Friday | Full-Day Session Led by Mimi Voo & Lena Goh Cost: SG$30.00 Discover4Yourself - Engaging and nurturing the next generation to be children after God’s own heart – through His Word inductively.


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And when he is old he will not depart from it.

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