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Our Workshops

Understanding the methodology of inductive bible study equips you to experience the magnificence of God's Word - the Living Word that is sharper than any two-edged sword. It all begins with a good foundation. It is not what we say but what Scripture reveals.


Each workshop is designed to equip you with lifelong skills on how to understand and appreciate the Word of God, but most of all, love the Author deeply.

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How to
Study the Bible Inductively

A foundational workshop for anyone who is new to the Precept inductive study method. Using "LORD, Teach Me to Study the Bible in 28 days," come and learn the essentials to inductive bible study…in 28 days– that comes with lifelong practice and discipline.

How to do 
Using Bible Study Websites

Learn the essentials to understanding biblical words in its original language.

  • Learn how to check the meaning of biblical words in their original language (Hebrew, Greek) 

  • Learn the essentials of Tense, Mood and Voice of Greek Verbs

  • Learn to utilise these resources as bible study aids to deepen your biblical understanding

  • Learn to see the significance of biblical words with proper interpretation

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Workshop-How to Structure Bible Passages-Website.png

How to
STRUCTURE Bible Passages

Using Precept Upon Precept® 2 Thessalonians as sample text, learn how to:

  • Observe the logical flow of thought in a passage, chapter, or book of the Bible.

  • Hone the skill to see in a glance the main point and supporting thoughts - identify the context, theme of the book, and author’s purpose of writing and theme of the book.

  • Use this helpful skill when studying prophetic passages or New Testament letters. 

Upcoming Workshops

Pre-register for workshops without actual start dates. 

We will contact you to confirm your registration upon release of date.

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