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Israel Study Tour


Walk where Jesus walked.

Study where the disciples were taught.

Experience the Sea of Galilee. Look across the valley of Megiddo. Feel that moment at the Garden of Gethsemane. Be amazed at Jerusalem. And many more sights and insights in the Land of the Bible! Includes Petra.

Join Precept for our Israel Study Tour and experience a deeper understanding and appreciation of the Bible.

Itinerary in a Glance

2018Mar - Petra - The Monastery Top View.JPG

Tour Enquiries?

Join our Israel Study 2024

March 12 to 26 2024

15 Days Tour

Due to current situation in Israel, this study tour is rescheduled to 19 November - 3 December 2024.

Please continue to pray for the situation in Israel.


19 November to 3 December 2024

15 Days Tour

We will get in touch with you upon release of the Israel tour itinerary & prices.

Through the Years

From 2006 - current

Our Israel study tour began all the way back in 2006 by Stephen and Grace Lim, who up to this very day, still faithfully lead each study tour - Israel, Greece and next year...Turkey.

Walk down memory lane with us and behold the spectacular sights through the years. Hover over the images to view year and location... and give your favourite image(s) a heart of love!