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Precept Bible Study Community


Be a Bible Study Leader

We strongly believe that the quintessential of walking the faith is to call people to come to know God - not by our own means or our own words - but standing on the Word of God alone. However, we cannot do this alone. We need leaders who are willing to answer to this call of fellowship with others in God's Word.


We invite you to be a Precept Bible study leader, and lead others toward knowing God deeply through His Word.

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How to LEAD
the 40-Minute Study Series

With 30 different topics and more to choose from, the 40-Minute Bible Study Series is a revolutionary series to study the Bible with your family at home, with colleagues at the office or with friends at the park or just about any place!

Learn how to:

  • Lead effectively using the 40-Minute Study Books

  • Identify each lesson’s focus and goal

  • Plan your lesson’s flow and allocation of time

  • Disciple others to discover truths from God’s Word using Inductive Bible study skills

How to PLAN & LEAD 
PUP | Precept Upon Precept

At Precept, we are ever looking for new leaders to engage people using PUP materials. If this study has impacted you and the Lord has tickled your heart to be a PUP leader, we welcome you to come join us!

Learn how to:

  • Facilitate effective discussions in class

  • Identify lesson's focus and goal

  • Develop the flow of discussion & use of visual aids

  • Ask questions that prompt discussions

  • Anticipate difficulties, draw applications, & more..

Compulsory completion of workshop to lead PUP courses. Pre-requisites apply.

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Teaching Children to Study the Bible Inductively

Engaging and nurturing the next generation to be children after God’s own heart – through His Word inductively.

Learn how to:

  • Use the D4Y series to teach children for classes or at home

  • Use tools and games to aid the teaching process

  • Motivate and inspire children to read or study the Bible inductively from a young age

Upcoming Workshops

Pre-register for workshops without actual start dates. 

We will contact you to confirm your registration upon release of date.

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