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For Young Adults (Aged 20s-40s)

The calls of life can easily take us away from seeking God through His Word. Getting to know God deeply does require our time and commitment, and community support to spur spiritual growth as iron sharpens iron.


Come join an online community for young adults to help nurture your relationship with Him. His Word is a lamp unto your feet and it will guide you well through different seasons of your life.

Know God Deeply. Live Differently.


Select a Day/Time

Commit a day and time to the Lord first and foremost. God's Word is truth. God's Word is everlasting. It is not even about which study title but setting that one evening aside to study God's Word with a community - ONLINE.


We currently offer 3 study-community for Young Adults:


8.15pm to 10.30pm

Led by David & Lisa Chee


8.00pm to 9.45pm

Led by Stephen Lim


8.00pm to 9.30pm

Led by Timothy Tan


Understand each Course Type

To facilitate a beneficial learning time for young adults, we have carefully considered and narrowed down to 3 course types for young adults:

Quick Tips:

  • PUP: Our #1 choice of recommended study for its depth of study = be warned! Extensive study time required.

  • NISS: Popular with young adults. A mid-tier study that borders between exegetical and topical, favouring the latter.

  • 40-Min: Beginner level of inductive bible study. Popular for its "no homework" format. A devotional study.


How It Works


Our communities are on-going. Each course is determined either by the course leader or by the community's request. Even though it is beneficial for an individual to study from the start of each course, you can join in mid-way.


We trust that God's Word will speak to you regardless of when you join for His Word is alive and active, and it will ever be His perfect timing for you!

Thus, time and community over title. Stay engaged in God's Word.


Join a Community

Can't find a course?

  • Courses: though it is beneficial to start any-given course from the beginning, we welcome registrations post-commencement. Full course fee applies regardless of start date

  • YA: denotes courses for Young Adults - aged 20s to 40s

  • Listings with unconfirmed start date: we welcome pre-registration. We will email you to confirm your registration upon release of actual start date.

  • Online
    06 February 2024 to 18 June 2024 Online | 8.00pm-9.40pm, Tuesdays | 10 Lessons Led by Stephen Lim Cost $22.00 God appointed Ezekiel as a watchman to warn his people of coming judgment. Seeing visions and performing signs, he called individuals to turn from wickedness to righteousness...
  • Online
    19 February to 08 April 2024 Online | 8.15pm-10.00pm, Mondays | 8 Lessons Led by David & Lisa Chee Cost $12.00 God alone created and defines healthy relationships, and yours can be transformed by the wisdom of Christ through this study on 1 and 2 Corinthians.
  • Online
    22 February to 02 May 2024 Online | 8.00pm-9.30pm, Thursdays | 9 Lessons Led by Timothy Tan Cost $12.00 Come and learn lessons for our lives through the Israelites exodus journey from Egypt all the way to their wanderings in the wilderness - all under the shadow of the Almighty God!
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