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LORD Series

LORD, I want to Know You

A Devotional Study on the Names of God

Students accessing lesson videos on this website are required to note the following:

  1. Do not pass on this website link nor passwords to people who are not in your class.

  2. The videos are copyrighted - any form of downloading, transfer or reproduction is not allowed. ​

  3. ACCESS TO EACH LESSON VIDEO is only valid for 2 weeks upon completion of lesson.

  4. ACCESS TO THIS PAGE will be removed 2 weeks after the completion of the course.

Best Practices:

  • Pace yourself  so that you listen to the lecture of a lesson soon after the completion of that lesson’s discussion - while the lesson’s content is still fresh in your mind - this is more effective learning.

  • Avoid procrastination - accumulation of video viewing (i.e. 2 or more lessons) may result in loss of learning effectiveness through the lecture of the earlier lessons. 

17 Lessons

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