Our Mission

To establish people in God’s Word

Our Vision

People living as exemplary followers of Jesus Christ,
       Studying the Bible inductively,
       Viewing the world biblically
       Making disciples intentionally, and
       Serving the church faithfully
    In the Power of the Holy Spirit

Our Office

National Director:  Timothy Tan
Outreach Director:  Stephen Lim
Ministry Executive:  Jennie Fong
Operations Executive:  Johnny Song

Our Trainers

Grace Lim
Molly Farlow
Stephen Lim
Timothy Tan

Our Board

Tjin Swee Chuan
Adrian Ang
Susie Ho
Stephen Lim
Janet Hu
Benedict Leow
Kelvin Low



It all started when...

It all began with a young man, Giap Wang, who, in the early eighties, went to study in Nashville, Tennessee. While he was there, he was introduced to Precept. During one of his breaks, he went to Chattanooga, Tennessee to attend the Precept training. He was so excited about the Precept method and what he learnt that upon his return to Singapore, he shared it with his Sunday School at Geylang Chinese Methodist Church.

Subsequently, they studied several of the Precept Upon Precept (PUP) courses. In 1984, another Precept class was started at the Child Evangelism Fellowship office by Geraldine Lee, an ex-OMer who had received Precept training overseas. Eventually the Sunday School group at Geylang Chinese Methodist Church felt the need for more training.

Precept ministries (Singapore) established

Whereupon, Timothy Tan, in 1986, wrote to Precept Ministries International. Kay came to Singapore for the first time with Jack, her husband, and Jim and Betsy Bird in August, 1987. They had a wonderful conference and many were excited about the study of God's Word. Kay and the team came again in June, 1988. It was during this trip that Jack and Kay discussed about the possibility of opening a Precept office in Singapore.

Precept was officially registered with the Singapore government as a non-profit religious society in 1991. Cecilia Perh became our first National Director.Cecilia accepted the call to serve full-time with Precept and was the National Director until June 2002 when she resigned to pursue the Lord's calling on her life. We have been blessed by Cecilia's faithfulness and perseverance and wished God's blessing on her new ministry.

Passing on the baton

Stephen and Grace were in Chattanooga from June 1990 to September 1999 and were introduced to Precept in the summer of 1991. They were so convinced of Precept's effective method that they attended classes led by various leaders and received training from various trainers. They became Precept trainers in 1999. They came to Singapore in September 1999 and started leading PUP courses and conducted workshops under Precept Singapore.

Thereafter, when Cecilia resigned, Stephen accepted the call from Precept Ministries International with recommendation by Cecilia to direct the ministry in Singapore. We truly praise God and thank Him for His faithfulness in keeping the work and ministry of Precept going in Singapore. It is our heart's desire to see more people challenged to study God's Word for themselves and to see more churches be filled with people who are grounded in God's Word.

In 2005, Timothy Tan returned to Precept as a student after an absence of fifteen years. Later, he took the challenge to lead PUP courses again. Timothy joined Precept Singapore full-time and was officially appointed as Executive Director as of September 2008.