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Lord, I Give You This Day: 366 Appointments with God

Do you long for intimate communion with God? Are you tired of struggling through life? Are you eager to experience the abundant life offered by Jesus? Discover the Joy of Taking God at His Word!

In this power-packed daily devotional, Kay Arthur beckons you to a deeper relationship with God, helping you discover for yourself the life-changing power of His unshakeable love. As each brief reading draws you into the Bible and leads you into purposeful prayer, you'll be equipped to greet each day with bold faith, confident in God's faithfulness, strength, and transforming grace.

Discover the joy and peace that come with daily surrender, with joyfully declaring each morning: Lord, I Give You This Day!


With An Everlasting Love

More than a love story, this captivating parable set in ancient Israel taps into the longing every person has for divine love and unconditional acceptance. The search for unconditional love can be found only in a relationship with Jesus.

With its all-new cover, Kay Arthur's captivating novel of love and trust is sure to attract readers. With an Everlasting Love, a delightful, spellbinding love story with an intriguing twist, will forever change the way Christians feel when they read, "Behold, the bridegroom is coming…"

Hardcover-141 Pages-Harvest House Publishers. ISBN: 978-0-7369-0127-7 [Product Number: 20078]